About me

Hello everyone ! My name is Loic and I’m a nurse and self-proclamed gamedesigner. My game is called Space PiouPiou. It’s a space shooter!

The demo is avaible here !

I’m in my thirties and I’m living in France. My everyday work is about cardiovascular surgery in a hospital. I work in a pluridisciplinar team in open heart and big vessels surgery. It’s tough but it’s very interesting.

My everyday task is to follow the doctor in his surgery. Here is the sternum wide open, and the heart just behind …

My true loves are (my cats and my girlfriend, in this order haha) video games and informatic. I begin to write here because I wanted to share my experiences and reflexions about this kind of art. I want to show you my works about game design, but also show you the virtual reality in eveveryday life. I’m playing thoose game a lot, I’m full equiped, and I realy love it !

My other passions are traveling and taking photos. I like Japan (I where there two times !), but also Vietnam, and Asia in general. Discovering those countries is one of my objective in life, because of people, landscape and FOOOOOOOOOOOOOD (Ramen, Phô, Centuary Eggs, fried chicken, sushis, chemicals beverages …) !!

I love Japan !

In general, I like to speak with people ! I you want to discuss about something, feel free to comment something or living a message in the Contact section ! Kind regards, good reading !

Disponible en français ici 🙂